DIY Motorcycle Kit

Our Bike

It is almost impossible to find a true motorcyclist who does not like to tinker with their motorcycle.  Anything from the regular maintenance to rebuilding engines.  Here at Moto8ight, we like to stretch that boundary.  We have created a motorcycle that you can build in your own garage with simple basic tools.  The design of our bike is simple, customizable, durable, and it Performs! 


The math is simple.  You provide the wheels, brakes, engine, and suspension components, we provide the rest including a new frame, fuel cell, gas tank cover, rear sub-frame, seat, rear-sets, engine mounts, and hardware.  (Items have not been finalized, more details to come.) 


Depends if you want torque or speed, our frame will accommodate different size Suzuki Oil Cooled Engines.

1988-1992 GSX-R 750cc/1100cc

1995-2004 Bandit GSF 600cc/1200cc  

1988-2004 Katana GSX 600cc/750cc 

Suspensions and Swingarm

With our unique frame design, it is able to accommodate front forks and swing-arms from different years of Suzuki GSXR and Bandit GSF 

Brakes and Wheels

At the moment, you will need to provide your own wheels and brake components, which is recommended to be the same model as the forks and swing-arm you choose to use. 

Interchangeable Body Parts

With so many options on engine and suspension components, why stop there?  The gas tank you see is actually a slip-on cover, we will be offering different style gas tank and seat covers.