As a kid, I have always enjoyed taking things apart and trying to put them back together. Like most people, I played with Legos and messed around on bicycles. As I got older, it evolved into cars and motorcycles. Over the years, I have gained different skills and knowledge through the help of different people and mentors, which helped me bring you Moto8ight today.
Inspired by Andrew Yang of Venture For America and Dave Smith of Factory Five Racing, I started Moto8ight for 2 basic reasons. To create motorcycles that you can build in your own garage from the ground up, we want to share with you the experience and adventure of building your own motorcycle. More importantly, we want to help our community by creating new jobs and develop young talents to improve their knowledge and skills.   
Moto8ight is in the startup phase.  Over the past years, we have faced many challenges and we are aware that there may be more to come. With hard work, dedication, and perseverance; we know we will get through whatever obstacles lay in front of us. We hope to gain your support on the way, as we share with you our challenges and success, while we grow into a motorcycle manufacturing company.    

Jack Chin