Welcome to Moto8ight

Here at Moto8ight, we have created a DIY motorcycle kit utilizing modern Suzuki GSX-R components and geometry. Now you can build your own brand new Cafe Racer, where modern technology meets retro style, with basic tools and no welding required. 

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Welcome to Moto8ight

Our vision is to create motorcyclists an experience that is beyond riding. 

Moto8ight would like to take you on a journey and share in the experience of learning, building, and riding a motorcycle that doesn't require you to be an expert. Whether you are a new rider or motorcycle enthusiast, you will appreciate the experience of doing something you may never have done before. 

Building your own bike will set you apart from the other riders and make you part of a exclusive group. You will earn your membership through your determination, effort, and care. Our community will be here to support each step of the way as you create your personalized experience.